In this site you can find digital projects made by the Laboratory for the Electronic Processing of Historical Archives.The laboratory is part of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science of the University of Athens. The aim of the Laboratory is to support research and teaching by the development and application of modern technologies in photography, cataloguing, archiving and digital image processing for historical archives and digital libraries. The laboratory was created on the basis of the Presidential Decree no: 211/7-7-1998 (ΦΕΚ 170/Α/16-7-1998).


  Hellinomnimon:  Hellinomnimon is a digital library which consists of all the philosophical and scientific books and manuscripts written in Greek from 1600 to 1821 (Browse the digital archives)
    Anthemion: Anthemion is a Digital Library of the Greek Communities of Constantinople. It’s the result of The Program of the Detection, Recording, Microfilm Depiction and Digitalization of the Constantinople Greek-orthodox Community Archives which was initiated in 1995 and consists of more than 1.000.000 digitized photos.
   Digitization of the Greek newspaper of Constantinople “Apogevmatini” (1926-1952).
   Digital Library "Literary Sosiety of Constantinople".
  Greek Books & Scholars of the 17-19 century (The project consists of the following digital libraries: Hellinomnimon,Greek Manuscripts, Greek Scholars, Biographies of Greek Scholars, Dictionary of scientific termsGreek Schools, etc. All previous digital libraries form a whole and at the same time work independently. The interface is minimal and the software gives the possibility of editing or adding data.)
*all previous content management systems were developed by Alexandros Angelakis